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Triple CD "The Flute Music of Francisco Mignone"

Sérgio Barrenechea and guests


The anthology presented here is a result of a research project conducted at UNIRIO with an indispensable funding by FAPERJ, through its 2008 Program to Support for the Arts. This artistic product, a collection of three CDs with repertoire that in its major part is recorded for the first time, intended the rescue of this relevant literature for the flute by Francisco Mignone, trying to contribute to its divulgation among the public and musicians interested in its performance. This project counted with a group of musicians of a notorious artistic excellence, dedicated students and competent researchers, all related in some sort to UNIRIO´s Instituto Villa-Lobos.


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Sérgio Barrenechea, flute, alto flute and piccolo Lúcia Barrenechea, piano

Hugo Pilger, celloLuís Carlos Justi, oboe - Carlos Prazeres, oboe

Fernando Silveira, clarinetElione Medeiros, bassoon

José Benedito Viana Gomes, flute – Nilton Antonio Moreira Jr., flute

Felipe Braz da Silva, flute


Watch the videos of Duo Barrenechea playing works by Francisco Mignone:




CDs Contents


Cd 1

1-3. Três Peças 7:07

4-8. Suíte para flauta e piano 12:22

9- 11. Sonata para flauta e piano (1962) 15:52

12. Céo do Rio Claro 3:41

13. Assim Dança Nhá Cotinha 3:28

14. Saudades de Araraquara 3:45

15. Celeste (1923) 3:24


Cd 2

1. 3ª Seresta para flauta, oboé, clarineta e fagote (1961) 4:07

2. Baianinha para flauta, oboé, clarineta e fagote (1961) 2:01

3-5. Sonata para flauta e oboé ( 1970) 10:51

6-10. Cinco Peças para duas flautas (1976) 6:43

11. Ária para quatro flautas ( 1984) 3:29

12-16. Cinco Peças para quatro de flautas ( 1984) 12:24

17. Gavotta All´antica (1931) 2:57

18. Passarinho está cantando (1952) 2:04

19. Modinha (1939) 3:38

20. Cantiga de ninar (1925) 2:408


Cd 3

1-3. Trio nº 1 para flauta, violoncelo e piano ( 1981) 14:19

4-6. Trio nº 2 para flauta, violoncelo e piano (1981) 19:24

7. Valsa Choro flauta e piano (1956) 2:56

8. Valsa de Esquina nº 2 (1938) 4:51

9. Valsa de Esquina nº 7 (1940) 4:37

10. Valsa de Esquina nº 10 (1938) 4:16


Total time 153:43


Recorded at Sala Villa-Lobos, Instituto Villa-Lobos/UNIRIO by Sérgio Barrenechea (assistents: Pedro Barrenechea and Miguel Barrenechea) in June 22th, 2009; January 8th to 14th ,2010; and February 7th and 8th, 2010.

Producers: Sérgio Barrenechea and Joana Cunha

Editing and Mixing: Sérgio Barrenechea and Luis Tornaghi

Masterization: Luis Tornaghi - Batmastersom

Grafic Design: Paulo Verardo

Text Revision: Edmilson Chagas


Maria Josephina Mignone, Flávio Silva (FUNARTE), Elione Medeiros, Fernando Silveira, Hugo Pilger, Lúcia Barrenechea, Luís Carlos Justi, Carlos Prazeres, José Benedito Viana Gomes, Nilton Antonio Moreira Jr., Felipe Braz da Silva, Kamilla Thaís do Nascimento, Luíza Braga Moura, Pedro Barrenechea and Miguel Barrenechea.



FAPERJ and Instituto Villa-Lobos / CLA / UNIRIO


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